According to the Christian louboutin outlet entertainment news website "Usmagazine" reported on March 30, Amanda Seyfried (Amanda Seyfried) on March 26th in Rome, Italy has been photographed wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin hate day takamatsu cake sandals out street, to the brands.
Recently, the play "while we are young" 29 actor seyfried wore Cheap christian louboutin a $955 (RMB 5920) (Christian Louboutin) in Rome.It is worth mentioning is the houndstooth printed inside the shoe body and a single hook, belt.She paired with a black bag in the street in commercials and white linen skirt, the skirt body also applied the technology of laser carving.And her and share her sightseeing photos on them.
Amanda also admitted that she thinks now young people in the abuse of media.They is wasted in them all day long, constantly bragging about their own photos
In early march to sell red bottom Christian louboutin outlet shoes famous luxury footwear and accessories brand Christian Louboutin Vero in Paris - Dodat shopping gallery opened his own 100 stores. In fact, this is already the third Christian Louboutin outlets on this street - in 1991 and 2011, "red shoes", respectively, in this piece is full of delicate and French gallery shops shopping gallery in the street, his first shoes and men's shoes on the flagship christian louboutin shoes store.And the shop, is a "first", it is the first Christian Louboutin beauty makeup products store.Although, so far, the store sells only 30 kinds of color of nail polish.
But even if only sell nail polish, Cheap christian louboutin himself for the store design still has big expectations.He found the French the prestigious interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch is responsible for the store design.In an interview with Britain's daily telegraph, he told reporters that the store "can be a small shop, but can also be a temple".
"Red shoes" designer Christian Louboutin (left) and interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch (right).
Pierre Yovanovitch is how to build the temple?
"When Christian showed me this long, pointy black nail polish cap, I immediately thought, if I can in this shopping corridor is full of the flavor of history to design a can reflect the modern style of Christian Louboutin brand aesthetics shops, will be very attractive."The Yovanovitch said was asked by the media design inspiration. Yovanovitch so he devised a store that has contemporary feeling extremely: fine pointed cap extension of the roof design of super tall empty, silk texture of white wall, digging a hole in the wall of built-in nail polish exhibit, Belgium in aino floor made of blue stones, royal porcelain, burnt wood furniture...Seemingly not take tone design details on an empty shop is very harmonious.
The shop has two bright spots worth mentioning.The first is the christian louboutin shoes place that take the door, looked up and could see customers artificial blue sky.And the second point is that Yovanovitch also designed for the store a secret "boudoir".
According to The Daily Telegraph reports, Christian Louboutin for this store design the best part is the "boudoir" in the attic.The boudoir was painted pink, customers can enjoy here to try and manicure services.Louboutin says, "here a woman can become another", and the process to make him feel amazing.
In July 2014, Christian Louboutin officially enter Christian louboutin outlet the beauty makeup industry, launched a series of 30 color ROUGH nail polish.After we also reported, Christian Louboutin will launch its own lipstick products.This open beauty shop, Christian Louboutin "beauty makeup adventure stories" and a new chapter.So in the next chapter, there will be what kind of surprise?
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