Hong Kong in April 2015, 8 (Reuters)/pr newswire / -- to help manufacturers enterprises more effective comprehensive capture in recent years, global household appliances, lighting and consumer electronics industry booming Cheap Car Electronics business opportunities, the third "ALEEX electrical appliances, lighting and electronic products exhibition" will be on April 14 to 17, again at the Canton fair pazhou hall next to the poly world trade held expo pavilion, the exhibition brings together many high quality manufacturers and suppliers from Asia, in which let them at the same time to expand foreign trade and the Cheap Car Electronics development of China's huge domestic market.
Electrical appliances product Cheap Car Electronics categories of exhibition will display a variety of household electrical appliances, including: home air conditioning and ventilation appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, household appliances, electric personal care and health care products, and other household electrical appliances, etc.
Lighting products including: commercial and Kingsbuying Electronics residential lighting products, decorative lighting, professional and outdoor lighting, LED and environmental protection, lighting, lighting accessories and parts, etc.
Kingsbuying Electronics Consumer electronics products will cover: audio and video products, digital imaging products, personal electronics, health care, environmental protection and energy saving electronic products, electronic entertainment and game products, telecom products, security products, smart phones, and electronic products, computer and peripheral products, 3 d printing, liquid crystal displays, automotive electronic components, electronic parts, etc.
ALEEX exhibition in April last year for the first time successfully, then October exhibition make persistent efforts, to attract more exhibitors, buyers, and attendance also increased significantly.The ALEEX exhibition further Cheap Car Electronics expansion, in April, 2015 exhibitors are increased to 250, they mainly come from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and China, have more than 350 booths, display products will be more and more wonderful, the exhibition will continue to serve the industry and visiting international buyers to provide abundant business opportunities.
ALEEX is two year exhibition of professional Kingsbuying Electronics trade fair, in April and October, as it happens and international buyers to China southern China tour match the purchasing schedule;ALEEX show more with Canton fair first held in the same period, only a stone's throw poly world trade expo pavilion, pavilion and Canton fair site, is enjoy the right, let the buyer can one-time two exhibition at the same time, enjoy dual sourcing opportunities.
"ALEEX electrical appliances, lighting and electronic products exhibition" by photosynthesis in guangzhou exhibition co., LTD and constant built exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Jointly run two experienced exhibition organizer and the chamber Cheap Car Electronics of commerce of guangdong, fujian and zhejiang province industry and trade warm support, they believe that ALEEX exhibition will become the spring and autumn period and the two big international buyers purchasing schedule within an important exhibition, for the enterprises in the area, and buyers from home and abroad to bring more business development opportunities.
The exhibition organizing units
Constant built exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD. - undertaking institutions
Constant was built for a hong kong-based and listed on the Hong Kong exchange motherboard professional organizer of the exhibition, has rich experience in exhibition, over the years for Hong Kong and overseas more than 70 big trade Electronics Wholesale SHOW in October MEGA procurement event held in Hong Kong MEGA SHOW is constant to build the flagship of the exhibition project. The photosynthesis in guangzhou exhibition co., LTD. - the organizer
The company was founded in 2002, has hosted and participated in the exhibition, including the "guangzhou jinhan) clothing home textile and fabric exhibition", "China golf expo", "Germany Berlin electronics SHOW" and "Hong Kong MEGA SHOW", etc.;At present, the company Electronics Wholesale independent exhibition projects include: "guangzhou hardware building materials trade fair", "guangzhou photosynthetic international buddhist supplies exhibition", "art of guangdong", etc.
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